How to make a definition of a safe office chair

We can find within the market easily of any kind of office chair, but what’s the foremost important a part of a rotating office chair? It definitely should be a gas cylinder, So Let’s see what it’s of the gas cylinder.
There are different calling of this Gas cylinder, gas lift, and gas spring are the identical meaning.

There are different calling of this Gas cylinder, gas lift, and gas spring will be the same meaning.

  1. What is the working process of a gas cylinder?

The main control of the atmospheric pressure is that the gas cylinder on the chair. The gas cylinder is especially composed of upper and lower end covers, piston rods, pistons and cylinder barrels. Manufacturers will fill a particular amount of gas within the cylinder. Theoretically, the cylinder should be stuffed with element like nitrogen. there’s the key factor if the nitrogen isn’t purity, there’ll be the rationale for burst. When the body sits on the chair, a specific pressure is applied to the piston through the connecting rod, and therefore the piston generates pressure on the gas within the cylinder. When the gas is compressed stressed, the peak of the chair will drop, and contrariwise. Its load test and impact test is 200kg.

2. What’s the category of a gas cylinder? you’ll check the guide below, It should be authenticated by SGS or TUV.

3. “How much the chair is raised and lowered” it’s associated with the stroke of the air rod.

The distance traveled from the lowest point to the highest point is the travel value. For example, when the chair is The distance traveled from all-time low point to the best point is that the travel value. for instance, when the chair is raised from 100cm to 110cm, the lifting range is 10cm, that is, a 100-stroke gas pressure rod (10cm=100mm) is employed. There are six varieties of pneumatic rod strokes: 60 strokes / 80 strokes / 100 strokes / 120 strokes / 140 strokes / 200 strokes / 270 strokes. If you select a office chair there’s choices for 60 strokes / 80 strokes / 100 strokes / 120 strokes / 140 strokes .

If you have got actually measured the lift of your chair, you’ll find that after you buy a 100-stroke gas pressure rod, the lift isn’t exactly up to 10cm, what? Manufacturers cut corners?? relax, come and hear my lecture.

The core of the gas pressure rod itself will actually rise and fall by 10cm, but so as to prolong the lifetime of the gas pressure rod, each atmospheric pressure rod core has an “8mm rubber pad”, and therefore the actual lifting range will be as below:


60 strokes-52mm

80 strokes-72mm

100 strokes -92mm

120 strokes-112mm

140 strokes -132mm

So after try those information, what should we do when we choose a office chair?

Firstly, check the steel seal, Normally you can find the brand of manufacturer, original region, Industry Standard, Class Firstly, check the steel seal, Normally you’ll find the brand of manufacturer, original region, Industry Standard, Class Level, etc, Normally the steel seal is finished during the method of the entire production, it’s a product produced by a daily factory. We don’t suggest the sticker or nothing on the gas cylinder, Reprocessed products often come from small workshops . so if you discover below 2 brands are going to be superb quality, it’s recognized by the full furniture industry in China.

SAMHONGSA gas cylinder, the abbreviation on the cylinder is “SHS”, the sting of the cylinder is printed with “SAMHONGSA”, Established in 1970, SAMHONGSA CO., LTD., SHS gas cylinder has passed the world’s eight certifications ( like BIMFA, LGA, TUV, SGS, etc.), even the steel tube is 3.5mm thickness.

KGS gas cylinder, the abbreviation for “KGS”, the total name “Korea Gas Spring”, is additionally a widely known Korean company, its gas cylinder of products has passed ISO9001, ANSI, BIFMA, DIN, UN and other certifications.

Mostly Chinese manufacturer choose these 2 brands for their high-end office chair&ergonomic chair. We choose SAMHONGSA for our ergonomic chairs, Class 3.

Secondly, When a office chair used more than 5-8 years, we suggest you should find a new gas cylinder same type and Secondly, When a office chair used quite 5-8 years, we propose you ought to find a brand new gas cylinder same type and same stroke of the air rod, The gas cylinder have it’s own service life, before install to a chair the gas cylinder requires 100,000 times of durability, and therefore the equipment must run continuously for 1 month. But after 5 years use, the tightness of every components will have problems, it’s better to shop for a replacement chair or change a brand new gas cylinder for your office chair.

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