4 best ergonomic chairs in China big and tall with heavyweight capacity for Fat people

Finding an ideal ergonomic chair that’s suitable for the fat user isn’t easy within the market.  That’s why we write this text with 4 best ergonomic chairs for fat people in our sales catalogs.

Below are the 4 best ergonomic chairs for fat/overweight people:

  • Fly series HYD high back full mesh chair
  • Ray series HYD high back full mesh chair
  • Spring series HYD high back full mesh chair
  • MAMBA series HYD high back Fabric seat with mesh back chair

If you’re big and tall, the four main factors you should be trying to find in your chair are weight capacitybigger seat dimensionscomfortable padding, and an ergonomic design. I’ve selected the most suitable 4 chairs that supported these four factors and listed them below:

1.Fly series HYD high back full mesh chair

Weight capacity: 650 lbs

Seat width: 21.75”

Category: Ergonomic/Office&Home

The Fly series is one in every of the most effective ergonomic chairs available in our factory. So perfect and also the bestseller.

The Fly ergonomic chair pioneered some innovative features that are real game-changers in office and gaming ergonomics, Like a ‘full positions support’ system which can make your back and lumbar spine be supported in full directions.

Headrest Flexible Support

The Headrest automatically provides support according to the user’s head weight and movement.

Twin Back Activity Tension Support

Following the user’s back moving around, complete support will be accompanied with individual upper back all working day.

Separated Lumbar Tension Support

While you lean back or change seating posture, the lumbar support will automatically shape a resilient curve thus providing appropriate support to your lumbar spine.

This video will take about 2 mins.

2.Ray series HYD high back full mesh chair

Weight capacity: 600 lbs

Seat width: 20.88”

Category: Ergonomic/Office&Home

The Ray series ergonomic chair is a new model in 2021 available in our factory. So unique design and good looking.

The Ray ergonomic chair, The design inspiration is from the study of ergonomics. Originated depth-adjustable function provides elastic D-shape fitting support protection for the shoulder, back, and waist of the human body. This design will open a new trend of ergonomics.

Seat back height adjustment

(13 gears, 6.7CM adjustment range), automatic elastic support of the lumbar support, front and rear adjustment of the lumbar support;
Highlights: The lumbar support can be adjusted back and forth (1.6CM); it is suitable for a wider range of people.

4D armrest height adjustment

Front and rear adjustment of the armrest, width adjustment of the armrest, rotation adjustment of the armrest;
The height of the armrest has 16 gears and an adjustment range of 8.3CM;
The armrest can be adjusted back and forth by 5.5CM;
Armrest width 2.5CM,
Armrest angle: 20 degrees inward, 18 degrees outward.
Highlights: The armrest shell is also aluminum alloy, which looks more upscale.

3.Spring series HYD high back full mesh chair

Weight capacity: 600 lbs

Seat width: 21.40”

Category: Ergonomic/Office&Home&Game

The Spring series ergonomic chair is a model on sale in 2015 in our factory. So elegant design and stability of quality.

Attracting point of the spring chair is the backrest “flexible support” system, which can keep you moving, freshen your brain in working life.

Dynamic Headrest Support

Dynamic headrest support will be always is touch with the back of your head and neck, it pivots with you, automatically adjusting itself to the most comfortable position.

Backrest Flexible Support System

The flexibility in backrest flexes as you freely move in the chair, it ergonomically and comfortably supports your back with a buffering protection. It is helpful to reduce the pressure of the spine.

4.MAMBA series HYD high back Fabric seat with mesh back chair

Weight capacity: 600 lbs

Seat width: 20.50”

Category: Ergonomic/Office&Home&Game

The MAMBA series ergonomic chair is a model on sale in 2018 in our factory. Designed by Ader, Live for life is his idea.

Let’s see the test data of this model below:

  1. The back of the chair is made of PA engineering plastic 136KG (60 seconds), and the back is not broken by one-time pulling; 45KG is cycled 120,000 times without damage
  2. Seat cushion PA engineering plastic 136KG gravity 40 cm vertical impact 2 times + 57KG gravity 40 cm vertical impact 100,000 times;
    4, Chassis steel, bearing 102KG, 10-20 times per minute, 300,000 fatigue tests
  3. Air rod steel 100,000 fatigue tests
  4. Chair foot plastic 1136KG pressure 2 times static pressure, each time 1 minute; 136KG gravity 15 cm vertical impact 2 times; chair foot no damage test
  5. Casters PA+PU 102KG bearing capacity + over obstacles 2000 times/withdrawal obstacles 98000 times
  6. The color fastness to rubbing of mesh cloth is dry 4.5/wet 4.5, the color fastness to perspiration is 4.5, the rubbing resistance is more than 100,000 times, and the tearing strength is 1397N, (mesh tensile strength warp yarn 1600N, weft yarn 1400N) passed California 117 Fire Test

The build quality is superb and it boasts a highly-adjustable, ergonomic design. You can adjust the armrests in multiple dimensions, as well as the seat height and lumbar support.

Related suggestions:

What is the best ergonomic chair for fat people?

My top pick would be the Fly series HYD high back full mesh chair. It supports up to 650 lbs of weight, provides lots of wiggle room, and has a unique ergonomic design. It has a ton of high-end features that help to properly support your spine and promote well.

What is the most durable type of chair base?

The new standard for office and gaming chairs is to use a 5-star base, which is superior to a 4-star base. Heavy-duty aluminum bases are usually the best as they are stronger and more durable than nylon materials. It’s better to avoid plastic bases as they are less durable and can support less weight.

How do I determine the best chair seat depth for me?

To calculate the right seat depth for your body, sit in an upright position on a chair and measure the distance from the base of your spine to the furthest end of your inner thighs. Subtract 2 inches from that measurement to find the perfect chair seat depth.

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